Is Your Story God's Story and Is HIS Story being told in Your Story?
Your Spiritual Journey will unfold as You experience it at Your own Pace and as You need to meet the Life Teacher there for you in that very experience, so you can learn about God's Presence and Story being told in Your Life and how Your Life is making God's Story known to others.

Success Comes From Within; What's In You?
1. Do you want to be successful and have meaning in your life?

2. Do you want health, meaningful relationships, financial success, a sense of joy, hope, peace, happiness, and fulfillment in what you endeavor to do?

3. Do these things come from the world around us and from the people we love or meet during the course of our days?

NO, they come from within US!

It is the ability to KNOW an Inner Peace at the core of our Being.
"Strength at the Core equates PEACE in the Kingdom!" So what is at the core of who you are? I have helped people in my work journey to their inner litany of "I Am..." statements and find surprising Joy, Hope, Peace, Comfort, Vision and a Sense of Purpose.

It's All About the Basics-Choices and Relationships!
Basic Truths:

A. Regardless of how big the jet airliner is or how fast it goes; if you forget about how an airfoil works, it is a Rock!

B. No matter how huge and mighty the aircraft carrier is or how luxurious and multi-decked the cruise liner may be; if you forget about buoyancy and water displacement, it becomes a Submarine!

It's all about the basics! As humans, we all have a tri-presence in "being" and it is the same way our brains function. That combination alone has a powerful influential impact on how we function daily. This is where we start the journey to grasp, " Who am I?" It is where we need to incorporate Emotional Intelligence and come to understand the interaction of Relational Emotional Systems between people.

Transformations in the Journey of Life
As individuals, leaders, followers, clergy or lay, CEO's or workers, thinkers, doers, or intuitive feelers, we all have a basic set of components that we take for the journey of life. It is how we understand and use them that make a huge difference in how someone will perceive their life as successful or challenged. Sometimes all that is needed to turn the viewpoint around is just a third point of view and a bit of additional insight.

That is my role as a personal coach! I can help you map your Kronos Life Story and see Kairos (Moments of Grace) that have laid opportunities at your feet and knocking at the door, and to discern whether you chose the fork instead of the "way less traveled" or didn't even hear the pounding to gain attention or entrance.

My role is to aid you in honoring your past story and help you in seeing new horizons, bridges to be crossed, pits to be avoided, and means to build healthy relationships to sojourn with you!

Awareness of "Being" makes "Doing" more Meaningful!
Many in this day of rapid change and turmoil feel as if they are chasing their tale in puppy fashion or worse yet, like a chameleon placed on a paisley print and blowing their mind trying to figure out what to imitate!

That is not necessary nor the purpose of our lives! There is a stronger power to fill the center of your life and from there, you can have an independence to build healthy interpersonal relationships upon. From there, your life can have an integrity that will traverse the multiple roles you live in your life.

It's an exciting life! you should be engaged and present to enjoy it! I can be your companion along the journey as a spiritual mentor, business coach, confidant, or someone to mirror scenarios for deeper discernment. Additional Programs & Topics listed on another page may also address your needs, check them out!

When Fear and Anxiety rise in Relationships, Conflict to some extent enters the room! There are thresholds when a Third Party can help unblock emotional logjams and facilitate honest communication, regained imagination and rational thinking on which reconciliation and trust can be repaired and rebuilt. I CAN HELP YOU DO THAT!

* Coaching is available on an hourly basis. Contact me to set a regular appointments or a one-time-sideline chat!
* There is an hourly rate of $100 per hour applicable for eachsession and a 24 hour notice is needed to change/cancel an appointment. No Shows within that 24 hour window will be charged!
* Sessions are by phone or held at a place of business. Travel mileage to the appointment will be billed at the current IRS rate. Group rates are available.

The Rev. Dr. Steven R. Rottgers+
cell: 205-223-3638
Face Book: Steve Rottgers

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